April 24, 2024
PSW Joins Pan-Asian E-Commerce Alliance to Boost Global Trade Efficiency

The Pan-Asian E-Commerce Alliance (PAA) is a strategic partnership between 7 major e-commerce platforms in Asia that aims to promote cross-border e-commerce and digital economy cooperation within the region. The 7 members of PAA are Shopee (Singapore), Lazada (Malaysia), Tokopedia (Indonesia), 11 Main (US), Rakuten Ichiba (Japan), WeMagic (China), and Tmall Global (China).

Formation of Pan-Asian E-Commerce Alliance (PAA)

PAA was formed in 2016 with the aim of promoting cross-border e-commerce and trade within Asia. The alliance has since been working on various initiatives such as developing cross-border logistics solutions, harmonizing customs procedures, and launching joint promotions to drive adoption of online shopping among consumers in the region.

PAA launched “Go Global” and “Global E-Commerce Talent”

In 2019, PAA launched the “Go Global” program which offers free membership and support for small businesses looking to sell their products internationally. PAA also partnered with Alibaba’s Cainiao Network to launch the “Global E-Commerce Talent” program which aims to train 1 million e-commerce professionals in Asia over the next 5 years. PSW is proud to be a member of PAA and we look forward to continue working together with other members to promote cross-border e-commerce and trade within Asia.

Pakistan Single Window (PSW) joins Pan-Asian E-Commerce Alliance (PAA)

Pakistan Single Window (PSW), a national institution, has been given Associate Member status by the Pan-Asian E-Commerce Alliance (PAA), a global organization of customs and trade service providers. For international trade and logistics, PAA promotes and provides secure, reliable, and value-added information technology infrastructure and facilities.

PSW’s Participation in PAA Enhancing Trade Efficiency

PSW will be able to participate in PAA initiatives aimed at developing a safe and efficient network for exchanging trade regulatory documents as an alliance member. Through a cross-border blockchain platform, traders, logistics companies, and governmental organizations will be able to transmit and verify trading documents, reducing transaction costs and increasing trade efficiency.

PSW CEO Syed Aftab Haider Expands Global Reach through Membership

The CEO of PSW, Syed Aftab Haider, announced the membership in a statement, “We are excited about the global visibility that will result from this affiliation, as well as the opportunity to engage in international B2B and B2G data exchanges.” By becoming a member, PSW can become an international and national center of excellence, and we can absorb best practices from around the globe.”

Enabling Pakistani SMEs and MSMEs for Global Success through Streamlined Processes and Enhanced Security

Pakistani SMEs and MSMEs stand to gain the most from such global partnerships. In the $6.3 trillion global e-commerce market, which is expected to grow this year, uniform, transparent, and predictable processes facilitate access. In order to help Pakistani firms benefit from international trade, PSW’s operations are still driven by eliminating clearance bottlenecks and increasing safety and security.

67th Steering Committee Meeting

The membership of PAA was revealed at the 67th Steering Committee meeting held in Auckland at TradeWindow, the top provider of customs and trade services in New Zealand. In joining the PAA, Pakistan Single Window joins 17 single window companies from Asia, Oceania, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. As part of ASEAN, UNCEFACT, and the World Customs Organization, the forum regularly participates in regional and global consultative meetings.

By digitizing cross-border trade in Pakistan and eliminating paper-based manual operations, Pakistan Single Window aims to speed up and lower the cost of doing business.

In order to satisfy all regulatory requirements for import, export, and transit, the organization is developing an integrated electronic platform that enables parties involved in international trade and transportation to submit standardized data and paperwork through a single entry point.


It is evident that PSW’s participation in the Pan-Asian E-Commerce Alliance (PAA) is a great step forward for the company. The PAA will enable PSW to reach out to more customers and create new avenues of business opportunities. With its presence in this alliance, PSW can safely secure itself as a leader among the pan-Asian e-commerce players. By accessing superior resources and leveraging strategic partnerships, PSW can make sure that it continues to succeed even when facing stiff competition from other giants in the field.


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